Can a cup of tea really make a difference?

A Nice Cup of Tea © adactio on flickrAfter a hectic day of meetings and lots of work, I just nipped to the kitchen for a well earned tea break...

Whilst making my tea (milk no sugar if you're offering) I bumped into our Chief Executive, Helen, and we chatted about how important it is take a break from your desk every now and again and how it can help you to feel more inspired when you go back to your desk.

Which got me thinking. TimeBank has a variety of mentoring projects, where volunteers can give up their time to mentor people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Support can range from helping to write a CV to simply meeting for a coffee and chat once a week.  And this can make a real difference to someone's life.

Back to Life - one of our mentoring projects, is a great example of this. It offers practical and emotional support to young adults, aged 18-35 recovering from mental health issues.

So in answer to my initial question, yes, a cup of tea can really make a difference.