Half price hotels

Bedroom at the Hotel Max © apartmenttherapy.comOne hotel chain in America is offering half-price or free rooms for people who volunteer for a day. I used to think that volunteering was all about doing something for free.  Have I been wrong all these years?

The use of incentives, rewards and recognition for volunteers has been much debated, particularly around youth volunteering. RockCorps have done a great job at getting people to think about this issue. Their approach is very explicit - young people can't win or buy a ticket to one of their concerts; they have to earn one by volunteering.  It's a good way of saying thank you and a clever way of attracting new volunteers.

Volunteering is usually a two-way thing - I've got a huge amount out of my volunteering and yet the closest I've got to a tangible reward is a certificate and a DVD! I'm still not sure whether we should be offering more incentives to encourage and reward volunteering - though that half-price hotel room sounds appealing doesn't it?