The Voicebot is coming

Next month there'll be a robot (Voicebot) in Westminster letting politicians know what young people care about.

Voicebot will be a live installation and the robot will write out what young people have typed online in answer to the question 'what do you care about?'

If you're between 16 and 25 and there's something you care about that you'd like to tell Gordon Brown then have your say through this website.

Although the Voicebot is a great way of raising awareness, inspiring and engaging young people I think in many ways it's a shame it stands alone, it's temporary and only the best submissions will be presented in parliament.  I hope when the experiment is over they make it clear how you can continue to have your say.   There are lots of ways of raising concerns with your MP you could use or look up their contact details on the UK Parliament website.

I've recently signed up to volunteer in schools to help teenagers make a difference in their local community.  One of the reasons I want to do this is I wish I'd realised at a younger age that society isn't an abstract concept that we all, including myself, have a role to play in.  And you can make a difference if you want to - you just have to know how.  I hope that through this volunteering I'll be able to help them learn how, and learn a lot myself!