How do I choose?

Question mark squircleThat is the question I've been asking myself for a while now - well more specifically; 'What volunteering shall I do?' But you work for a volunteering charity I hear you cry! Well yes, but I don't think it's finding an opportunity that's the problem. TimeBank is a great place to start and I read stories all the time about how volunteers love what they've achieved, but I just haven't found 'my thing' - yet. At TimeBank we get five volunteering days a year so how will I use them?

I have three problems:

1. There's so much choice; so many great causes or issues to volunteer with - I don't know what I want to do the most.

2. I'm very good at putting things off.

3. I'm obviously bad at making decisions.

Maybe I should just pick something and get started. I can keep on looking for 'the one' (that sounds a bit like finding a soulmate).

What are you doing and how did you choose it? I need a bit more inspiration please, you wouldn't want me to be without my 'soulmate' for much longer would you?