I do

honeymoon - world66Honeyteering. You and your newly betrothed choose to volunteer on your honeymoon, what a lovely idea. I did a straw poll of TimeBank colleagues and had various opinions, from the very adamant 'No way!' to 'Yeah, actually, that sounds like something different - I don't want to be sat on a beach with my bloke for two weeks'.

I'm sure this isn't a new concept but will it become as traditional as wedding cake? It would be great if it did, it just shows people are happy to fit volunteering into their everyday lives and relationships. So, would you swap two weeks alone to spend quality time with your new spouse or would you rather go and make a difference to someone else's life with a gang of other volunteers?

Me? Well, George Clooney hasn't found me yet but I'm sure he'd be happy to do a spot of 'honeyteering'.