Who's blogging?

A couple of weeks ago I had dinner with a fellow Chief Executive – that is to say a Chief Executive of a large international charity who is hugely experienced and who I occasionally meet, listen to her wise words and often take comfort that I am not alone in my challenges.hw pic

As we were finishing our meal the subject turned to tweeting and blogging. We both said we didn’t tweet but our charities did. I said I wrote on our internal blog as a way of keeping everyone up to date on what I was doing and major things going on in the organisation and now we were blogging externally I was excited that I would be able to guest blogg on it. She said that she didn’t blog but that someone blogged for her.

Now, at first this made be feel wholly inadequate that I was such an insignificant Chief Executive that I had to, shock horror, blog myself. Indeed if I was running such a massive organisation I wouldn’t, shouldn’t or indeed couldn’t write my own blogs. But to be honest, I rather enjoy blogging and I can’t imagine letting someone else do it in my name. The internal blog allows me to talk about things in my way about issues that matter to us as an organisation. The external blog will allow me to speak to a wider audience maybe about the same issues but still in my way.

So as I walked across the bridge heading for home I was wondering how you can ghost blog someone’s interests and passions within a work context. I am not sure I can think of anyone that I would ask to blog for me or indeed if I ever want to reach the stage where I didn’t blog myself or know what ‘I’ was blogging about.

So this really is me and over the coming months I hope to be popping up on our blog with the latest from TimeBank and my views on volunteering.