Guide 2009 © 1 ChefsI've never been to jail (apart from on a Monopoly board), but I'm guessing the food may meet with a few choice words from Gordon Ramsay. For young men just getting out of prison Switchback must be a real lifeline to not only rediscover the joy of food but make a career out of it (no lumpy gravy in sight). 

Switchback gives newly released male prisoners unpaid work as trainees at the Crisis Skylight Cafe in London's East End. It's not all about training; they also get the support of a mentor - helping them to make positive changes to their life, get a job and keep it.

It never fails to amaze me how varied volunteering can be and small organisations like Switchback are always looking for willing volunteers. So next time you hear about an organisation that sounds interesting, get in touch - I bet they'll welcome you with open arms.