Turn up or sign up

the_waveIt's a busy few days. It's International Volunteer Day this Saturday 5 December and next week sees the much talked about climate change summit in Copenhagen.

Why not do your bit for climate change? Oxfam is organising the UK's biggest ever climate change march - The Wave. It's this Saturday, 5 December in London and Glasgow.  And if you don't live here don't worry - Oxfam have chartered trains and coaches from 19 UK locations.

UN Volunteers is also running a campaign to count the hours that environmental volunteers are doing all over the world. Its up to over 1 million so far, so register your hours and make them count too. Don't hang around - you can only register your hours up until this Saturday, 5 December.

Make your mark on climate change and don't forget to switch your computer off (not on standby) when you've finished reading this!