Why I come to work....

Criag, Back to Life Project CoordinatorA few days ago I received a phone call that explains why I love working on Back to Life, a TimeBank  project that supports young adults recovering from mental health issues.

When I first met Brian* it was on a ward at St Guy’s Hospital, he was due to be discharged but frankly, did not look too well. Throughout our conversation he would look just at the floor and only use ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers. I have to admit I had serious doubts on whether he would even talk to a mentor. However, he was quite keen on it and in telephone conversations before his first meeting he said he wanted to. I knew one of the project's volunteers would be patient and positive with Brian and matched them right away.

Fast-forward four months, I am on the phone to Brian's mother who is really happy; she says her son is back to being as active as he was when a teenager, has become closer to members of his family, looks different with new clothes and hair style and is now starting work in a cafe.

She believed Brian's mentor, and the encouragement he gave, was a large part of encouraging this change.

The call reminded me just how amazing our volunteers are, and the impact they have on the lives of others

*Not real name