New Year's resolutions

chocolate c commons.wikimediaIt was literally two minutes past 12 on New Years Day that I thought of some resolutions for 2010. People love New Years resolutions - I'm not the biggest fan.

They're a great idea in theory but do they work?  There seems to be loads of pressure to have really good ones and it's usually to stop doing something (eating chocolate, smoking) rather than to start.

People give up quickly - ask someone a week later and they've come up against an obstacle, given up or can't even remember what they were (that's what you get for thinking them up at two minutes past 12!).

Having said all this,  I do have a couple of New Year's resolutions and I'll share one with you. Here goes......I would like to do lots more volunteering - to make it a very regular part of my life.  I reckon I've got a pretty good chance of doing it too if I follow these handy hints.

* Get a specific contact name of the volunteer coordinator or relevant person so that it  can be chased up
* Have the last five years of addresses to hand to avoid the delay of filling in your CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check
* Register for the TimeBank monthly newsletter for lots of different volunteering ideas and to sign up to this blog
* Do some research and think about what to do before  looking
* Pay a personal visit to the local volunteer centre to find out about local volunteering opportunities there and then
* Don’t be afraid to say no to an opportunity
* Be patient - all good things come to those who wait!

So, why not you give volunteering a try? It beats trying to give up chocolate or going on a diet, I'd struggle with those myself. Let me know how you get on - after all, a bit of support works wonders for New Year's resolutions (so I hear).