Retail Therapy

oxfam newDalston Oxfam ©patrick47cullenThanks to initiatives such as 'Donate Don't Dump' it seems charity shops are shedding the stuffy, scruffy image they once had.

No longer just outlets for moth-eaten cardigans and scratched Cliff Richard records, many charity shops are stepping up their game and getting on-trend with vintage clothes and classic records, retaining the sustainable, eco-friendly ethos which made them great in the first place.

I recently spent a day volunteering at Oxfam in Dalston - one of the hippest charity shops of the moment, so hip they even have a Twitter account! It was really exciting to be granted access to the cavernous bowels of the shop where volunteers sort through the donations - a treasure trove of cameras, hats, jewelry and even a unicycle! Also, having worked in retail in the past it was nice to think that this time round all the cash I was racking up on the till was going to a good cause. So, next time you see a sign up in your local charity shop advertising for volunteers, give it a go, you might be surprised.