Fashion Forward

Yuliya Libkina on flickrStill reeling from London Fashion Week?  Visions of becoming the next Vivienne Westwood?  Read on for some suggestions of how to get a foot in the door by volunteering in the wonderful world of fashion...

Crisis are looking for someone to help run a fashion design course at their Skylight activity centre for homeless people.  The closing date is 3rd March so jump to it if you're interested in applying!

You may remember Mary 'Queen of Shops' Portas revitalizing branches of Save the Children charity shops with her fashion-forward thinking.  Well now, alongside other retail roles the charity are looking for 'fashion volunteers' to help sort the Armanis from the Primarks.

And if you're in South London, Set Fashion Free is an initiative designed to engage young people in creative enterprise, fashion and black culture and identity.  They're looking for researchers, a web content manager and make up artists.

Fabulous, darlings!