Give them a break

Respite CareGovernment plans revealed this week require local councils to provide free short breaks for parents and carers of disabled children.

Around £280m in local authority grants has been provided from 2008-2011 to improve services. That's such great news for all the people out there that spend time caring for others but often forget to care about themselves.

There are actually a number of organisations that provide much needed respite care to families and carers already. Not only does it give them a rest from the strains and stresses that they're undoubtly under but it also gives those being cared for the chance to mix, socialise and get a bit of independence. But these organisations are unable to provide that service without the help of volunteers.

So if you'd like to develop your life skills, enhance your CV, gain experience in the care sector or just have fun, Vitalise are urgently looking for volunteers on some of their upcoming residential holidays, be it for the day or over a weekend.