How long does it take?

questionmark©oiwdigest.ottawablogs.caHow long? If you're looking to volunteer with children, older people - or anyone deemed to be vulnerable - it can take six months to a year to actually start.

Take Mercedes - who works in our Finance team at TimeBank. She started looking for a way to volunteer with children in schools last Summer, contacted Volunteer Reading Help but they asked for two sessions a week (she wanted to volunteer once a week), she found a project on do-it (but you had to live or work in the borough of Lewisham to take part and she lives and works in the next door borough of Southwark). She finally found a scheme by reading about some of the volunteering projects that staff do at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Mercedes had her first training last week, is now waiting for her CRB check to be done. She hopes to start reading with children in a local primary school next term - summer 2010.

It takes too long. It shouldn't take that long. We're looking for ways to speed things up.