Love, Love, Love

made underground on flickrNow we’re well into February I could do the obvious thing and whinge about the commercialism of Valentine’s Day; the ‘I wuv you’ teddy bears and plastic roses dominating every high street across the land…

Instead, this seems like a good time to highlight another event taking place in February, one which is regularly overshadowed by ‘V Day’ -  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) History Month.  The fight for LGBT rights and recognition continues to this day and the organisations which work towards a shared goal of equality often rely heavily on the work of volunteers.

If you’d like to support an LGBT organisation you might want to think about becoming a helpline volunteer for The London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard, a reporter/photographer for The Lesbian and Gay Foundation or a schools speaker for The Terrence Higgins Trust.  All these organisations are working towards creating a world in which everyone is entitled to love who they choose – an honourable pursuit, I'd say.