Share the love

Photo from theloushe under creative commons licenseI was having a conversation the other day with someone who was explaining to me how hard it was for them to find a suitable volunteer opportunity and how long it took.

At first I couldn't quite see why it was so hard - I often see interesting suitable opportunities to give my time. Those I have done were also quick and easy to get into.

Then I realised why my experience was different. I have been lucky enough in the past that opportunities have found me.

I see opportunities for giving my time on the blogs of smaller internet based charities, as messages put out on Twitter and Facebook or simply by word of mouth.

Recently I saw one such opportunity in a 'Tweet' from the head of the technology group at Child's i Foundation. He was asking for volunteer developers and designers to work on the charity's campaigns and projects and linked to this blog post.

Yes it's a niche opportunity only available to those with certain skills but looking around the Child's i website you can find other ways to get involved. I particularly like the way they split up their giving into giving "time", "money" or "love".

Giving and sharing "Love" might be seen as the lower end of the engagement scale and includes adding a badge to your blog plus sharing their YouTube videos with friends. But, they assert, you'll be helping to spread the word and grow the supporting community.

Why not try and find a charity where you could help share the love? This will give you a better idea of what the charity is doing and also of what you might be able to do for them - participating in this way could well lead on to finding a deeper and more traditional way of giving of time.