Volunteer for job satisfaction

Apparently we've come out of the recession, all be it limped out!

However research released this week by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development reveals that job satisfaction levels have hit an all time low. This could have a detrimental effect on employers, since the unhappy worker could be more likely to start looking for a new job. If employers want to escape the risk of losing their staff they need to think about ways to retain them. 

Employee volunteering could be the key. Research has shown that employee volunteering can increase staff motivation and retention.

Here at TimeBank, we run employee volunteering schemes for the private and public sectors and we have proof that it can play a huge part in employee engagement and job satisfaction.  Not only do we run employee volunteering schemes but we pride ourselves on working with charities and local community organisations to find great volunteering opportunities that are tailored to the needs and skills of employers and their staff.