Would you, could you?

logo © LFFIt wouldn't be easy.  It wouldn't be simple.

But if you're looking for volunteering that helps solve some of today's problems in a way that nothing else can, then I think this could be it.  If you're looking for volunteering that's profoundly rewarding this might be it.

Volunteer with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, the child protection charity, and you can help prevent children being abused in your community.

As a volunteer on a Circle of Support project, you offer support, along with 4 -6 other volunteers, to a known sex offender to help them reintegrate into the community. Working alongside police officers, probation staff and treatment experts you help keep children safe.

It makes perfect sense since isolation and loneliness are linked to an increased risk of re-offending. Circles offer practical and emotional support.

The Foundation needs new volunteers for four new circles in London (you have to be over 21).

Would you do this, could you do it? I think this role illustrates perfectly how volunteers can offer something that a person paid to be there can't. A known sex offender is likely to have few people in their lives who choose to be there, rather than being paid to be there.

But I'm not sure I want to do this type of volunteering, or could. Would you, could you?