Free Festivals!

Michael_Spencer on FlickrDoo-wop. Fusion. Breakbeat. Psychobilly. Shoegaze.

Whatever type of music you’re into there’s bound to be a festival on this summer which caters to it.  As well as the big names like Glastonbury and Womad there are tons of smaller ‘boutique’ festivals cropping up which offer an interesting mix of music, arts and entertainment.

What's great is, plenty of them offer free tickets to those who are prepared to do a bit of volunteering onsite, be it serving drinks or picking up litter.  Each festival operates differently in terms of what it expects from volunteers so check out the small print.  To get you started, here are a few examples for those who live in Scotland, Brighton or Yorkshire.  And of course Oxfam offer stewarding opportunities at festivals all over the UK. Rockin’.