Monday morning blues?

I don't like Monday mornings.   Not for any reason in particular - just that  the weekend's over and it's a full five days to the next.

But something happened last Monday to cheer up my day.  And no I hadn't won the lottery. And George Clooney hadn't turned up on my doorstep asking to take me out.

It was something much more everyday and simple.

The  coordinator for the project I volunteer on told me that for the first time in a long time - the person I mentor said she was enjoying meeting me and things were good for her.  Not groundbreaking?  But for someone recovering  from a mental health issue its great news and is proof that all the hours I've spent with her, meeting for coffee and doing everyday things really has made a difference.

And I felt great - and I can't say that happens many  Monday mornings.

So why not do something great and make this the week you start volunteering?