How will you spend your 25th hour?

ClockLast Sunday we all had to lose an hour because the clocks went forward.

Well in October we'll all be gaining one. What will you do with that extra hour?

Last week saw the launch of something called the 25th Hour campaign based around the idea that we can all use the extra hour to make a difference. Launched last Tuesday at the Olympic Park with Tessa Jowell and Lord Seb Coe, the campaign aims to use the inspirational power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to motivate us Brits to give time in our  communities.

In October, when the clocks go back and we are all given a real 25th Hour, there will be a national celebration of giving time. But why wait until then - pledge your time and tell the nation how you make a difference to your community through volunteering.

Just log on to the campaign website or if you'd love to start volunteering but don't quite know where to start then call or email us and we can give you some ideas.