Missing Masterchef

ReneS on FlickrSince Masterchef finished on Wednesday I think I’ve been suffering from withdrawal symptoms.  Where will I get my fix of ‘big rustic flavours’ and poncey desserts with three kinds of fruit puree?  I’ve been reading recipe books and online food blogs but it’s just not hitting the spot.

You see, I’m one of those annoying people who dedicates way more time to reading and watching programmes about cooking than actually doing it.  I get sucked in by the luscious photography and smooth talking French chefs but often get home too tired and lazy to knock up anything more exciting than pasta and pesto.

So, how to put my interest in food into real life practice?  Well, I found a great charity called The Food Chain which distributes meals to those affected by HIV in London.  They are determined to make sure that people living with the virus need not go without healthy and sustaining food and provide not only home delivered meals but also nutrition advice to those who need it.  There’s also the Let’s Get Cooking campaign which sets up cooking clubs all over the UK to encourage families to learn how to make healthy, tasty food.

Perhaps I need to turn the TV off and get my pinny on….