Nature watch

hamed saber on flickrOne of my finest memories from school is the day we were allowed out of the confines of our classroom and into the wilds of the local woods.  In the name of science we were given magnifying glasses and funny little plastic bottles with which to ‘suck up’ bugs.  Throw wellies and a picnic into the mix and what you’ve got there is a good nature time.

It all came flooding back when I saw the website for BioBlitz 2010. Snazzy name eh? A BioBlitz is, according to the website, ‘a large scale event that engages large numbers of people with biodiversity, inviting them to get directly involved in surveying and monitoring’.  Which sounds to me a lot like what we did on that school trip. Identifying and recording insects in a big group.

Events are going on all over the UK so if you’re interested in finding out more check out the website or Twitter for the latest information. Don’t forget your wellies!