Pass the tissues

Box of tissues c profernityI saw the film Blind Side last night - the one Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for. I thought it would be a bit cheesy and too 'Hollywood' but I gave it a go - I couldn't be bothered with anything too intellectual on a Sunday night. 

I'm no film critic and I'm a sucker for a nice story (I've been known to get a tear in my eye watching Eastenders) but it was pretty good - mainly because it made me think. Short synopis - a rich American woman and her family change the life of a homeless teenager. 

You could say it was easy because they had money to help him out but it wasn't that that changed his (and their) lives. It was giving him hope and support. You don't need money to do that. Being a volunteer mentor for an organisation like Catch22 could change the life of a young person too.

Oh dear, I'm welling up again - I'm off to get a tissue.