Volunteer, change your career

Curriculum VitaeYes, yes, giving up your time to benefit someone else is all very nice and aren't you good for doing it? But it doesn't all have to be about what you're doing for them. Think about what volunteering is doing to your CV and your employability.  If you are thinking about changing career or you're trying to break into a certain field, there are plently of volunteer placements that can get you ahead of the game.

Want a job in PR but haven't got any relevant experience? Bright One really is the perfect organisation for you to volunteer with. They are currently looking for an Account Executive.  If you're a  student, graduate or career changer, this is an exciting opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience in PR.

Want to be the next Rankin or John Simpson?  The Lesbian and Gay Foundation in Manchester are looking for volunteer photographers and reporters.

Thinking about teaching but want a taster first? YourStory is a London-based, not-for-profit organisation that works with disadvantaged people from all social and ethnic backgrounds. Their projects include education and career devlopment programmes for young people and some are based in primary and secondary schools. Voluntary roles are tailored to the kinds of skills you want to develop. Read their volunteer page for more detailed information and how to get in touch.