Big Society

Big SocietySo we now have a new Government. Depending on your voting preference you may think this is a great thing, or you may not. However the bottom line is they are going to have some ideas on doing things differently.

One of the more interesting ideas from the Tory Party is "The Big Society". The Big Society is centered around building society from the grass roots and using civic and volunteering action to better serve the needs of the nation. Cynics say that this is just code for making cuts and dropping services that should be provided by the state. But done well it could be a more progressive, people centered and cost effective way of tackling social issues and building stronger communities.

Whatever your view we have yet to see how this will effect the volunteering sector. Will it be a big boost to the value and effectiveness of volunteering, will our work become more important than ever? Or will it mean the loss of government support for the current volunteering infrastructure?

For now we will just have to wait and see how the idea is developed up. But whatever the outcome it is certainly a chance to develop new and better ways of serving our community.

Will you participate in the Big Society or as somebody said to me the other day, perhaps we are the 'big society' already?