Help make cooking child's play

Lets get cookingChildren as young as five years old are being teased by their friends at school because they're overweight.

Now we all know that childhood obesity has become a right old sticky problem for us in the UK - with 2.3 million UK kids being classed as obese. So it's no wonder then that there are tons of organisations popping up all over the place to educate children and their parents on how to eat more healthily.

Cooking clubs are a great idea because they make cooking fun for kids. Thanks to national initiative Let's Get Cooking, a number of schools across the country have now got a cooking club of their own. And you can easily volunteer with them in lots of different ways.

From giving a 'healthy' talk in one of the schools  to planning sessions and teaching children cooking skills. Or for more skills based volunteering, lots of the clubs need help with marketing and project management too. Simply visit the website and search by borough for a club near you.