Pensioners' playground

Playgrounds these days c pflyChildren - move away from the playground.

Hyde Park in London is home to a new free gym to encourage the over 60s to get fit. They'll be able to do a stint on a cross-trainer or use the body-flexer, free runner, sit-up bench, flex wheel or static bike. Phew, if they get through all that lot they'll be ready to take on a marathon.

I think it's a brilliant idea. It's equally important to keep your mind active too as you get older.  One of our projects, Digitall gets more older people surfing the net (it's a lot less strenous than a session in a gym) with the support of a younger volunteer to show them the ropes.

With Silver Surfers' Day tomorrow it's the perfect time to grab a gran, take a walk to your local UK online centre and show them the wonders of the World Wide Web. Exercise and brain activity - what more could you ask for?