The story of Tracy Beaker... not really

Tracy Beaker

Every year about 8,000 young people as young as 16 leave care and head out into the world on their own - does this mean we don’t CARE anymore?

Who do these young people turn to for guidance and help?

When someone is about to leave care they have to make so many decisions.  Transition is always an unsettling time for anyone so thankfully there is an organisation called SOVA (Supporting Others through Volunteer Action).  SOVA volunteers help these young people gain independent living and life skills. From securing appropriate accommodation to ongoing support. The young people are encouraged to go on to become mentors themselves in time.

Could you give your time to a young person before and after leaving care? At SOVA you can volunteer to help care leavers with a variety of issues including how to manage money, health and hygiene, cooking and cleaning, careers advice and most important of all being a listening ear.

Approximately 90,000 children and young people pass through the care system every year but we can show the next generation that just because someone leaves care doesn’t mean that people don’t care anymore.