You're fired! Now get back to school" src="/sites/" alt="Image taken from" width="175" height="185">Dun, de dun, de dun, de dun, de dun, de dun, de dun, de, de dun, de dun, de dun, de dun , de dun, de dun,  DE! Can you tell what is is yet? That's right, it's the sound of Alan Sugar being nice.

The BBC are doing a junior version of The Apprentice in case you've got no idea what I'm blogging on about. It seems everyone's favorite Eastender, famed for not mincing his words, has decided that teenage tears on prime time TV might not do his reputation any favors.

If you'd rather take the role of Sir Alan's two sidekicks Karen Brady or Nick Hewer (Margaret's gone off to do her PhD), then you and your colleagues should check out Young Enterprise. They work with young people, business volunteers and schools nationwide and run a number of business-education programmes through the support of local and national business. The programmes enable young people to gain personal experience of how business works, to help them understand the role it plays in providing employment and to be inspired to improve their own prospects.

We run an employee volunteering scheme for T-Mobile where we help their staff to volunteer in their local communities and we've had a really positive repsonse from those who volunteered on the Young Enterprise programmes.

Probably best  to resist the urge to say 'You're fired.'  Especially in the primary schools....