Away Day

20100615_064Tuesday was TimeBank’s first away day in two years and long overdue. Some may say such things are a luxury. I think they're essential to a creative, inclusive, organisation going through tough times, but who at the same time are excited by the opportunities the future holds.

Over the past 18 months we have refocussed our Vision, Mission and Values, we have established our strategic direction and are on the brink of launching a new website and brand AND we have a new government with a vision for a Big Society which is led by volunteering. What a chance to capture our thoughts on how we might input to shaping the Big Society. When we did our VMV work we were lucky enough to have some pro bono support from innovation agency Happen. Yesterday they once again gave us two of their staff SJ and Becki to facilitate our day – so they were walking the talk – volunteering using their professional skills to help us.

We were at a fantastic venue which I would highly recommend, reasonably priced, and a great space - Body and Soul. It was also a charity so the cost of rental went to a good cause – charities helping one another.

Was it worth it? Without a shadow of a doubt. What Happen do in a seemingly light touch and seamless way is help us to think creatively, give us the space to do so and make sure we get something tangible and meaningful out of it. Watch this space for our thinking on the Big Society, on new projects we want to do and a reinvigorated staff who finished the day with a pint in Islington still talking about changing the world.