Volunteers' Week

Volunteer<img class=Laura works in our youth team and also volunteers as an Online Peer Advisor for thesite.org a website for 16-25 year olds to turn to for impartial support and guidance through life.

A young person writes in anonymously with a personal question and they get a personal response back from a fellow young person, in this case Laura.

Laura says, “It feels really satisfying to know you’ve advised someone who you know might not have been able to talk to someone else about their problem. As the volunteer, you don’t know who you’re talking to so it forces you to answer in an impartial way. So I’ve picked up a different skill of writing. And it’s made me more objective too. It’s made me think about people's problems in a much more logical, objective way. It’s almost helped me be a better friend too because of the need to be more open minded.”