What can you do to help failed asylum seekers?

refugeeweek_org_ukIt was heartbreaking to read this week how asylum seekers who can't work, can't claim benefits and have nowhere to live in this country, have to try and live off £10 weekly vouchers given to them by The Red Cross.

A report also revealed how up to 20,000 asylum seekers are living in destitution in the UK and are wholly dependent on charities for food and warmth. But they have no choice. One man said, "If you understand that it is a choice between living here in this way and going back to be slaughtered, then you understand that there is no choice."

A huge number of people who read the article in The Guardian were affected by it like I was and a large majority asked how they could help. It's now published a list of charities that you can volunteer with or donate to.

The British Red Cross themselves have a Refugee Services that you can volunteer with to offer support and advice to make it easier for refugees and asylum seekers to settle into a new environment.

Choose from befriending, helping refugees and asylum seekers access healthcare and clothing or showing them where to find local necessities such as the post office and library. If you don't get to volunteer straight away you could just carry out a 'simple act' as part of Refugee Week's Simple Acts campaign running this week.

Just signing off an email with a note about refugees or cooking a dish from another country could help them reach their goal of achieving 20,000 simple acts by this Sunday 20th June.

Another charity that supports refugees and asylum seekers is Refugee and Migrant Justice. But it is currently under threat of closure. You could help just by signing a letter to show your support.