Wimbledon, and on, and on...

800px-Nicolas_Mahut_at_the_2009_Wimbledon_Championships_01As Isner and Mahut  (they're the two chaps who were playing record breakingly long tennis this week at Wimbledon), are only to aware, sometimes, things take a bit longer than you might expect. 

Someone joked that the umpire should have said 'Deuce' when it got to 40-40.  And it's the same with volunteering. We're open about this fact  and hope that by managing your expectations  you'll gain an understanding of how the process works. Now lots of charitable organisations that use volunteers are as slick as the shores of the Gulf of Mexico (sorry) but not all of them. Sometimes the smaller ones,  have  more need for volunteers but less resources to deal with them....you get the picture, might not get back to you as soon as you would like them to.

I filled out a volunteer form for the National Blood Service last Friday. I haven't heard anything yet and I'm not in the least perturbed. I'm going to give them another week and then I'll give them a call. I'll keep calling then until I either start volunteering or get told they haven't got any vacancies at the moment. After all, I want to help them.