Getting closer

[caption id="attachment_2891" align="alignright" width="175" caption="Me next week? That's not actually me by the way"]Me next week? That's not actually me by the way[/caption]

A fortnight ago, I wrote a blog about how, sometimes,  it can take longer than you might have originally thought to start volunteering and how I had emailed the National Blood Service about volunteering but hadn't heard anything for a week.  Now, I didn't think that was very long but I work in the volunteering sector so I have an insiders point of view. Maybe if I didn't, I would be drumming my fingers thinking what the hell are they doing?

Well, they replied to my email 10 days after I had sent my original enquiry to inform me that the post I was interested in is full to capicity at the moment but would I be interested in distibuting posters about sessions in my local area? Yes I would, I replied and I have since entered a dialouge which will result in posters being mailed out to me, me hopping about town bestowing the virtues of giving blood to local shopkeepers and them deciding (I hope - best practise my most dazzling smile) to pop a poster in their window and send blood stocks soaring! (particularly B neg, AB neg and AB pos with any luck).

Ok, it's not the original post I applied for (recruiter) but it's with the organisation I want to volunteer for. And who knows? If I keep asking, hopefully one day I'll get my preference of role.

Watch this space. It'll probably be a National Blood Service advert poster next week.