More cake...

Cawan cake c Nono FaraYou may have gathered by now, we like (a lot of) cake at TimeBank. We had cake yesterday for my birthday, which is a good reason to work on your birthday. And I expect we'll have more later today.

This time it won't be a celebratory wedge of cake but a piece to say farewell. It's Rich, our IT System Administrator's (chief hacker) last day. He looks after your volunteer data,  keeps our websites and databases running,  makes sure the technical bit for registrations work, not to mention all the other technical bits and pieces he does - that I'll never understand.

He's off to start a new life in New Zealand. Of course, we all wish him the best but he'll be missed too and not only for his coffee making skills (I've made sure he's passed on his knowledge to me). Rich has been at TimeBank for about seven years - long enough to see many, many changes in its 10 years.

So, although it's our 10th birthday and we'll be celebrating and looking forward to exciting changes, it's the end of an era for Rich. Good luck and may you carry the volunteering torch on to New Zealand.