Siblings Together

Siblings Together logoMost of the time I'm frantically typing away at my computer so it's nice to take a phone call and have a chat sometimes (and I do like a good chat). So, in a recent conversation I found out about the amazing work of Siblings Together.

The organisation is dedicated to bringing together siblings separated by having to go into care. It can be a traumatic experience which often has an impact on them long-term.  So, Siblings Together run holiday camps to bring the children together.

Camps are happening in August and they've pretty much got all the volunteers they need. So, you're wondering why I'm letting you know about this right? Well, they want to expand so they can offer more children across the country the opportunity to go on these camps - but the only way they can do this is with support from volunteers.

So, I'm suggesting you get in touch with them now and put your name down for next year (you may not have to wait until August either). They're also setting up a mentoring project to give ongoing support to the children after the camps, so that's another way you can get involved. And, if you want to put your fundraising skills to good use, they need help with this too. Choices, choices.