Something to be proud of...

Approved Provider Standard Mentoring and Befriending FoundationTimeBank head quarters has been celebrating this week.

One of our mentoring projects, Digitall, has been recognised by the national body for mentoring and befriending as an excellent example of a mentoring programme that has clear outcomes for the mentees. Our project went through a thorough 'health check' to see if it qualified in 12 different areas including having a clear purpose, a clear and consistent approach to matching the mentors and mentees and ensuring that the effectiveness of the project is evaluated so that it can be improved.

We've always been proud of Digitall - we've had great feedback from our mentors and mentees and the organisations we partner with to run the project. But this official recognition means so much. It will really help with future funding and hopefully encourage more people to sign up because they'll have the confidence to know they're going to take part in a project that will have a real impact on them and the person they'll be supporting.