While you're looking.....

Clean professional LaTex CV template c CV InnI read the other day that 18 year old Lauren, a school leaver is struggling to find a job - just one person, amongst thousands in the same situation. She says "I need experience to get a job, but a job to get experience."

Maybe it's because I'm in the volunteering world but it still surprises me that some people aren't aware of the benefits of volunteering to develop those much needed skills for work (I know we've done a fair few blogs about it).

Lots of mentors on our projects volunteer for that very reason. In fact, Digitall is perfect for young people because it's really flexible - fitting around work, study or even looking for a job. Mentors (aged 18-25) support people wanting to learn more about computers and get online so not only is it a great way to pass on your skills (which makes you feel good) but you'll get some great skills for your CV like communication and you'll also learn to be patient too.

Lauren - if you're reading this, sign up with Digitall today or sign up with TimeBank, we'll find you volunteering thats interesting AND could get you the skills you're after.