An answer for easyJet

easyjet©ArpingstoneApparently, there's a problem with staff morale at easyJet - or so says their New Chief Executive, Carolyn McCall.

I think I've got an answer for her.

Give them time off to volunteer!

It might not seem an obvious solution to their problem of staff shortages and cancelled flights, but supporting your staff to volunteer is a sure way to improve staff morale. It also helps improve communication skills, team-building and time management. Oh, and it makes people feel good.

TimeBank is working with T-Mobile to get its staff volunteering. One of their employees, Julia, gets time off work to volunteer and believes it's made a real difference:

"It’s wonderful that you can use your work time to volunteer. And I’m lucky that I can choose from lots of exciting things. First a walk with older people, keeping them company and showing them you care and next it’s going to be working with young people teaching them vital life skills."