Countdown to Vintage at Goodwood

Vintage-Logo-Latest It's festival fever at the moment, although I'm a bit miffed that I haven't managed to go to even one.

But thanks to the perks of the job I'm off to Vintage at Goodwood in nearly two weeks time and I'm so excited! We've, or should I say our very talented events manager Pigalle, has secured the opportunity for TimeBank to be part of the first ever festival celebrating the best in British cool.

Vintage at Goodwood, launched by long term supporter of TimeBank Wayne Hemingway, is all about celebrating the amazing fashion and music from five of our most creative and cultural decades, the 50s, 60s 70's and 80s. We thought we'd add a bit of sparkle to the event, (not that it hasn't got it already of course) by injecting a bit of volunteering as only we know best.

Social values changed drastically throughout the decades too,  from 1960’s activistism to 1980’s feminism. At the festival we'll be tapping into people's current social values by capturing their pledges and needs. There's about ten of us volunteering from TimeBank and we will be capturing peoples pledges and our friends at thinkpublic will also be joining us.

We're dessing up in clothes from the various different eras which will be fun.  I'm dressing in 80's gear and Pigalle's already told me that Rokit Vintage who are supplying the clothes for free are really excited about going crazy with a real trashy style! What have I let myself in for?!