Daddy cool

dadddycoolYoung mums have been getting a fair amount of publicity and since I'm all for equal opportunities - here's one for the boys.

The Daddy Cool project needs young London dads.

The Project aims to reach out to young fathers, including those at risk of offending, living and working within the London suburbs and give them guidance and recognition for their good fatherhood.

The young people involved in the project want to strengthen the level of respect good young fathers get and and boost their recognition. Dads will get to meet and learn from each other and celebrate fatherhood.

If you're not a young dad, the project still needs your support. They're quite specific about who they want (no youth workers, no authorities just real people with real experiences).

They're also clear about the skills they're after (advice, support & training, befriending, buddying & mentoring, marketing, PR & media, two hands & commitment). And as their website says - you don't have to be a father to support fatherhood.