Hopefully some big answers to big problems for the third sector...

Leade<img class=Small charities and community groups across London will be able to get the support that they need during this critical time of funding cuts and added pressures by signing up to our new Leaders Together mentoring project.

The project matches leaders of small charities and community groups with senior leaders from the third, public and private sectors. They can get dedicated one-to-one voluntary support for a minimum of 24 hours over six months. Once we've identified their areas of need we'll match them with a senior professional volunteer who has skills and expertise in that area.

Leaders Together comes at a crucial time for the sector, with part of the government's Big Society plan to encourage charities and other organisations to run public services. It's great for charities to get the recognition they deserve for being an essential part of society but not so great for the sector in terms of added pressures despite the huge funding cuts that they are going through.

There is no doubt that small charities and community groups in particular are going to need extra support. Larger charities are more likely to be able to put coping mechanisms in place but I expect small community groups won't have that luxury.

We've just launched the project and are looking for senior professionals to be mentors and leaders of small charities and community groups to be mentees. Register your interest as a mentor or a mentee  and we'll be in touch with training dates before you meet your perfect match. See industry Bible, Third Sector's take on the project