Life Cycles

London Cylcling scheme©' bikes are still a novelty, but they're finally here.

They're a great addition to London - and a wonderful import from other countries that have had such schemes for years.

I'm hoping that Duet Bikes might be one of the next imports that flourishes here. They're a specially designed 'tandem' with a detachable wheelchair that acts as the front wheel. Someone else sits at the back and pedals. Dr Lin Buetner has shown how older people with dementia in the US, living in nursing homes, can benefit from going for a bike ride in the fresh air. Age and disability don't get in the way, with people aged 103, or needing portable oxygen or feeding tubes all enjoying the ride.

This programme is being adapted with volunteers, staff and family all going for bike rides. If you're interested in getting involved in something similar for disabled people, volunteers are needed by wheels for wellbeing.

Maybe Barclays will think about sponsoring this next?