Spreading the Good(wood) Word

Dress UpSo, with tomorrow as the big day at the Vintage at Goodwood festival, are we and our friends at thinkpublic all set? I can safely say YES WE ARE!

  • Mini bus booked and pick up points all organised? Check
  • Meal tickets booked? Check
  • Camera man booked and briefed? Check
  • Blackberry all set for tweeting our celeb spottings and latest public pledges? Check
  • Dress rehearsal and decisions on outfits thanks to donations by Rokit Vintage? Check (you can see from the pic!)
  • Hair and make up? Nearly - Fran bringing crazy 80s' colour palates tomorrow
  • Wellies, brolly and waterproof? Check
  • Hair plaited ready for the reveal of a big crimped 80s' hairdo. Not yet, but will be tonight!

So we're pretty much all ready. Keep up to date with our latest photos and tweets through our facebook page. And watch the final footage of the festival goers pledges and needs including those from the fabulous Eighties' icons, Princess Julia and Danny Rampling. I just hope we get to have fun at the roller disco even though we'll be crazy busy capturing people's pledges on camera and then getting it edited before the screening at 6:30! I'm saying "pretty please" to our organiser Pigalle...