Going for Gold

According to Charities Aid Foundation's report the World Giving Index we (the UK) are the eighth most charitable nation in the world.

59 Gold medal flickr.comThe index surveyed 195,000 people in 153 countries on giving money, giving time and helping a stranger.

Our results?

- For giving money, we came third

- For helping a stranger, 27th

and for volunteering? 29th.

If we were a school report, we'd be marked 'could do better'.

Its not a bad result but come on folks - the next time the World Giving Index comes out we should be leading the way.Our very own volunteers prove there are a lot of people out there volunteering to make a difference to someone's life. Don't put it off, find volunteering locally (just type in your postcode) - and get your friends and colleagues involved too.

And as we're feeling the Olympic spirit, shouldn't we be aiming for gold?