Is it really a fair cop guv?

The Metropolitan police is the UK's biggest force and they, like the rest of us are having to think how they can save money. 

The governments spending review will reveal all on October 20th, and the Home Office which is the government department responsible for funding the police has to make cuts.

One of the ideas is that anyone intending to join the police would have to volunteer as a volunteer special constable for 18 months. 

If people intending to become police officers are forced to volunteer as special constables - perhaps its time for all police forces to stop using the word volunteer. 

I know that this is quite a unique role unlike those of most volunteers, as you have a duty to the crown once you wear the uniform. But let's stops bandying the word around, after all volunteering should be independently chosen and freely given and volunteers should complement and not be doing the job of paid staff.