Volunteers - undermanaged and definitely underfunded

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But what about the people who manage volunteers?

A new report published last week, Managers of Volunteers Undervalued and Underfunded, reveals the need for more training and development for managers of volunteers. It shows that nearly half of the people who manage volunteers have not received any training in this area.

From their research, it looks like most volunteers do have an induction. But many still don't have a written role description or supervision. Supervision could make a difference, our volunteers tell us how much they appreciate our support whilst they're on one of our projects.

Just over half of the charities surveyed said they had problems in recruiting enough volunteers overall, and particular difficulty in finding volunteers for roles in campaigning, IT support, fundraising, handling money, leadership/project roles, research and policy work.

If you are a volunteer manager and haven't come across Experts in Volunteering - they offer lots of useful resources and advice here.