Checking common sense?

Criminal Record Checks, or CRBs as they're lovingly referred to, often provoke heated debate amongst volunteers.

This is what two volunteers said recently, when we asked for your views on the Big Society:

‘I have refused to do certain things as they are associated with those awful CRB clearances. Why do I have to prove that I am not a criminal...disgusting!'

‘Sort out the CRB mess. Should only be one check with CRB for a time period and all organisations accept that rather than doing their own.’

At the moment, if you want to volunteer with children or vulnerable adults you will probably need to have one of these background checks. Some people find them off-putting, they do cause a delay to you starting to volunteer, but they do protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse.

The Government has now confirmed that they will be reviewing the Vetting and Barring Scheme to make sure they are scaled back to 'common sense levels'.

Has the pendulum really swung too far? Are there too many checks on people who want to volunteer?