Cuts Cuts Cuts...

"Carnage on Axe Wednesday", "The Axe has Fallen". Just two of the dramatically depressing headlines about the spending review announcement this week.

Well here at sunny TimeBank towers I'm trying desperately to put a more cheery note on things. And I think I may have found it.


We've talked before about the power of mentoring and I truly believe that it could step in and save some of the day - in this case for smaller charities and for teachers too.

  • Leaders Together is our mentoring project where senior professionals lend their skills and expertise to help and support leaders of smaller charities that will find themselves in even greater need as a result of sector cuts. We've recently launched and are still looking for more mentors and leaders that need a mentor - training starts mid-November for mentors and early December for small charity leaders.
  • We're working with the Refugee Council to recruit and match mentors as part of the wider national Refugees into Teaching project which supports refugee teachers to become a teacher in the UK. A huge number of refugees have teaching skills and qualifications from their home country that are difficult to transfer in the UK. Cuts to the education sector will undoubtedly result in this being double as hard. So if you're a qualified teacher or have knowledge of the UK teaching profession, sign up as a mentor to help and support refugees to access the advice, training, work placements and ultimately the teaching career they dream of.